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Dia Solutions provides a complete range of quality cleaning and maintenance products for the concrete industry. Our concrete form release is formulated from renewable materials and effective on both wood and metal forms. Used to replace solvent based agents, our release agent will perform at water dilution ratios up to 25 parts water to one part agent. Our concrete removers and cleaners perform exceptionally well to keep your equipment and fleet clean and looking good. Our soaps and degreasers are environmentally friendly and will remove the toughest grease and soils.

Dia is your partner in maintaining your fleet and maximizing it's value and life expectancy. Major customers throughout North America attest to the benefits Dia brings to their operations. Come to Dia for superior products and service and find out why we are much more than a chemical company.


Longhaul 302 - Concrete Release Agent   PDF Sheet

Intended as a concrete form release formulated from renewable materials, this is a water based product designed to work with steel and plywood forms.

Sizes - 20 LT Pail (5.28GAL), 210 LT Drum (55.48GAL)

Longhaul 305 - Concrete Remover/ Cleaner   PDF Sheet

a safer alternative to hydrofluoric acid and other dangerous acids. Effectively removes concrete deposits, oxidation, calcium and other hard water deposits.

Sizes - 20 LT Pail (5.28GAL), 210 LT Drum (55.48GAL), 1000LT Totes ( 264.2 GAL)

Longhaul 306 - Acidic Aluminum Brightener

Removes stains, discoloration, aluminum oxide using a blend of powerful acids to brighten trailer tanks, sides and wheels.

Sizes - 20 LT Pail (5.28GAL), 210 LT Drum (55.48GAL)

Longhaul 563 - Low Foam Touchless Wash

Liquid alkaline detergent formulated to remove road film, carbon exhaust deposits and bug residue from painted surfaces using pressure spray devices. No need to agitate with brush.

Sizes - 20 LT Pail (5.28GAL), 210 LT Drum (55.48GAL)

Longhaul 780 - Heavy Duty Degreaser

Environmentally Friendly all purpose hard surface cleaner concentrate. May be used on all surfaces not harmed by water. Use in hot or cold water.

Sizes - 20 LT Pail (5.28GAL), 210 LT Drum (55.48GAL)

Longhaul 785 - Heavy Duty Degreaser   PDF Sheet

Hyper concentrated degreaser has exceptional grease removal properties with superior long lasting foam. NPE, Phosphate, Butyle and Formaldehyde free.

Sizes - 20 LT Box (5.28GAL)

Big Orange Tar and Asphalt Remover Aerosol

A solvent based aerosol that effectively removes tar, asphalt, grease, protective films, tapes and chewing gum using natural citrus solvents.

Size - 519G Aerosol Can (18.3 OZ)

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