Superior Cleaning Products with the Environment in Mind

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Dia Solutions provides a complete range of quality vehicle cleaning and maintenance products. We offer one stop shopping that saves you time and the synergistic attributes of our chemicals work in combination to give you superior results. Everything in the Dia product line is formulated and constantly reformulated to be leading edge in both effectiveness and friendliness to your vehicle, the users and the environment. Unlike other products that are made harsh or corrosive in order to work, we continually search for gentler alternatives that also work better.

We have safe, acid alternatives, non-caustic detergents, cleaners that also sanitize in one step to protect your employees and customers. Our toilet deodorizers eliminate, rather than simply mask odours. Dia products have no strong perfumes to irritate allergies. We leave only the aroma of fresh and clean throughout your vehicle. Our high dilution ratios combined with ease of use provide our customers with cost and labour savings to enhance your vehicles and your bottom line.

We also supply equipment where needed and technical expertise, working hand in hand to resolve your toughest issues. Vehicles are not a part of our business, they ARE our business. Dia is your partner in maintaining your fleet and maximizing it's value and life expectancy. Major customers throughout North America attest to the benefits Dia brings to their operations. Come to Dia for superior products and service and find out why we are much more than a chemical company. Dia provides SOLUTIONS!

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